KID: People under Intense Pressure before Presidential Election


The Indonesian Community for Democracy (KID) reported that with the July 9 Presidential Election drawing near, the Indonesian people are now under 'intense pressure'.

KID Chairman Ignas Kleden said the pressure was caused by 'disinformation'.

"In several regions, people suffer from intimidating acts," said Ignas during a discussion at the Media Center of Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) yesterday.

KID has also suspected there were practices of money politics or prizes-giving to draw the votes.

"Such things must not be continued. Let the people make smart votes," he added.

Echoing similar sentiment, KID member Rustam Ibrahim said the government must ensure democratic rights of the people and when there is intimidation, they must quickly respond and act fairly since the government has the authority to enforce the law.

"The government must be a fair umpire," Rustam said.

Rustam cited an example of the slow response from the government in tackling the case of Obor Rakyat tabloid for the false reporting about presidential hopeful Joko Widodo which could bring disinformation to the people.

"The tabloid will certainly influence voters’ choices," he said.

However, President SBY as the head of the state has instructed nothing [in response to the tabloid], Rustam added.

KID is a non-governmental organization aimed at giving democratic education for adults, implemented through the so-called democratic school programs and targets civilians in conflict-prone areas.

Source: Tempo