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news1KID's Cross Cutting Program takes in a number of other activities outside the Democracy Schools and outside the Community for Political Party Dialogue. Among the various things that are included in this program are KID's round-table discussions, KID's dinner lectures, and the enrolling of journalists in the Democracy Schools.

KID's round-table discussions look at the actual problems of democracy that are arising at the present time and also at those that have the potential to pose a threat to democracy in future years. Speakers in this forum have included such figures as the Minister for Education Malik Fadjar, the Minister for Defence Juwono Sudarsono, the former Minister for Regional Autonomy Ryaas Rasyid and two legal experts, one of whom, Jimly Asshidiquie, was once head of the Constitutional Court, while the other, Mahfud MD, is currently head of the same court.

KID's dinner lectures focus attention on the specific challenges of democracy in a number of sectors. The President Director of PT Rio Tinto, Noke Kiroyan, was invited to speak about democracy in business, the IT expert Onno W. Purba looked at the problem of democracy and the internet, the agricultural expert Gatot Irianto discussed democracy and global warming, while the former Minister for the Environment, Emil Salim, explained the question of democracy in the environment. The Minister for Health, Siti Fadilah, looked at the question of democracy in the health sector and an ITB professor, M.T. Zen, spoke about democracy and energy, while Eva K. Sundari, a politician from PDI-Perjuangan, considered the question of democracy in women's issues.

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