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Participation in labor movement
Gatot Subagyo, who is one of the members of the Management Board of the Branch Leadership of the All Indonesia Workers Union (DPC SPSI) of Tangerang City and who is also the chairman of the alumni of the South Tangerang Democracy School, was one of the mobilizers of the recent action demanding a revision of the 2012 Minimum Wage (UMK). Together with other activities from among the workers, he took the initiative in designing and preparing this action by forming alliances among workers' unions in the region. This initiative was carried out together with 21 other alumni of the South Tangerang Democracy School. At the end of 2011, thousands of workers from the various factories in the three parts of Tangerang, namely, the District of Tangerang, the City of Tangerang and the City of South Tangerang, undertook this action, which involved closing the Jakarta – Merak Toll Road.

Their action was a form of protest directed at the Governor of Banten Province in order that the Minimum Wage for 2012 be revised from IDR 1,381 million per month to IDR 1,529 million per month. The result of the action was the announcement of a new Governor's Decree (SK Governor No. 561/Kep. 886-Huk/2011) about setting the minimum wage for all Districts and Cities in the Province of Banten for 2012.

Participation in anti corruption
With the establishment of TRUTH (Tangerang Public Transparency Watch), three alumni of the South Tangerang Democracy School became anti-corruption activists. The three alumni are Suhendar, Aru Wijayanto and Agil Nopembriyanto. The movement began with their enthusiasm in writing articles for the local mass media about public services and corruption. Efforts to distribute their ideas were sharpened by the holding of training concerning the APBD and anti corruption activities.

Besides that, TRUTH persevered in making investigations related to the findings of the Financial Auditing Body (BPK) in the 2010 financial reports of the Government of South Tangerang City. Activities involving meetings with the press were also carried out in an attempt to present the results of a study about suspected corruption of South Tangerang City's Social Assistance Funds, which amounted to IDR 4,782,245,000 in the budget year.

Writing Achievement of Democracy School Participants
An article written by a woman participant, Murtra Eka Mirianti, from the Ogan Ilir Democracy School has been published in the local media. In this article, which is entitled “Women and Local Democracy”, She put forward her views about the limited part played by women cadres in political parties, and the fact that they are often treated as merely constituting the numbers required to make up the required quota and are given non-strategic positions.

The following sentences are quoted from her article: “Several political parties give women a role as mere figures to meet the requirements stipulated by the law; women are often given positions as secretaries or treasurers or even less strategic positions in the refreshments section … As a consequence, even though the quantity of women can be met, in terms of quality there is no significant increase, so it seems that the attempt has been made in vain ….” (Harian Vokal, South Sumatra, 26 July 2012).

By December 2012, there are 140 articles from participants and facilitators of SD North Aceh published in the media (printed and electronic; local, regional and national). The facilitators assist the participants coming up with media-worthy articles. Furthermore, the participants and alumni have garnered several silverwares in writing competitions, such as:

  • Winner, Writing Competition held by Lhokseumawe Alliance of Independent Journalist; sponsored by PT Arun NGL, Co., titled “Konsep Pemanfaatan Kilang Gas Arun Pasca 2014” (The Concept of Utilization of Arun Gas Well After 2014). Won by Jafaruddin (First Year participant).
  • Winner, National Writing Competition held by PPWI (Union of Indonesian Journalists). Won by Jafaruddin (First Year participant).
  • Winner, Writing Competition held by HMI (Islamic Student Association). Won by Muhammad Adam (First Year participant).
  • Runner-up, Student Writing Competition held by the University of Malikussaleh, Lhokseumawe. Won by Jefri Susetio (First Year participant).
  • Runner up, Regional Writing Competition (Aceh and North Sumatera) on the concept of utilizing the Gunung Leuser National Park Forest. Won by Darmadi (Second Year participant).
  • Top 10, the National Writing Competition held by the University of Gadjah Mada.
  • Winner and Runner-up, Writing Competition held by the Student Magazine of the University of Syiah Kuala (Detak Magazine). Won by Sariyulis and Darmadi (Second Year Participant).

Community Committee in District of Batu (KBD)

At the beginning of September 2012, as a consequence of the fact that the budget for the pemilukada (election of the regional head) could not be cashed by the Government of Batu City, the people of Batu who belonged to the Community Alliance for Democracy (AMD), the Batu Community for Democracy (KBD), the National Guard (Garda Bangsa), the NU Lakpesdam of Batu, ISNU, GM Kosgoro, KIPP, and the NGO Gempar, undertook the collection of coins from people concerned about the election of the regional head (pilkada). It was not the nominal rupiah value that they were campaigning for, but rather the process of making people aware of their rights. The election for regional head (Pilkada) of Batu City was conducted on 2 October 2012.

Facilitating dialogues between local government, civil society and private sector on proper water management

Community Committee in District of North Aceh (KDAU)

For the first year KDAU can make a draft academic paper about Corporate Social Responsibility Qanun (Syariah law). The advocacy began with a research, continued with lobby to the Executive and Legislative Bodies. This effort is now ongoing in the local parliament of North Aceh and being closely watched

KDAU able to be the initiator of the advocacy of public policy issues in North Aceh

Community Committee in District of Sanggau (KKDS) – WEST KALIMANTAN

Some of the focuses of the KKDS program are: improvement of infrastructure, agrarian reformation, and minor education. KKDS also have an effort to push for a local regulation on education. As an initiative, KKDS has conducted a Dialogue between Local Political Parties with up-to-date issues. This activity has received a lot of attention and participation from all local political parties in Sanggau.

Community Committee in District of South Tangerang (LMD)

  • The academic manuscript of the Focus Group Discussion of the Health Service Guarantee has been in process since the middle of 2012. After the workshop related to the regional meeting on 19 November 2012, the LMD continued advocacy on this policy by lobbying members of other groups to get their support in the plenary session. The process is still continuing. The factions that have already agreed about the policy of a Health Service Guarantee are the PAN faction (Partai Amanat Nasional) and the Partai Gerindra faction.
  • Profiling of potential public figures in South Tangerang through the democracy school’s newsletters
  • Conducting research on budget allocation and advocating budget transparency in collaboration with National Commission of Information Accesability

Community Committee in District of Tangerang
On 23 November 2012, the Executive Institute called “Perekat” and the Community Committee of Tangerang District together attended a plenary session of the DPRD of Tangerang District in the context of presenting a Regional Regulation concerning the initiative of the DPRD about a Community Heath Guarantee in Tangerang District. This plenary meeting was open to the public. The proposal concerning this Raperda Jamkesmas was prepared on the initiative of the Community Committee (KK) of Tangerang District; it commenced at the time when the Committee undertook research related to community health in Tangerang District and from the research prepared an academic manuscript.

The outcome was that all factions in the DPRD agreed that the proposal should be passed on to a higher level (Pansus) and could be pushed to become a Regional Regulation in Tangerang District. It is almost certain that the Regional Regulation will be approved because all factions have given their approval, but according to Ahmad Bandi (a member of the team of experts from the Community Committee of Tangerang District for proposed Regional Regulations), the Regulation needs to be accompanied to the Pansus level in order to be sure that the contents of the draft Regulation and the budget allowance are not reduced or changed. This means more hard work for the Community Committee of Tangerang District if it is to escort the proposed Regional Regulation. Approximately 20 members of the Community Committee of Tangerang District took part in the plenary meeting.

Community Committee in District of Malang (KOMDEK)

Facilitating training and workshop for moslem preachers (in collaboration with Indonesian Association of Mosques) on secular and global issues, i.e. Gender discrimination, global warming. Output: Preachers and their teachings tend to be more socially sensitive after workshop

Community Committee in District of Pangkep-South Sulawesi

  • Developing and maintaining community radio as a mean of communication
  • Introducing transparency in electability of candidates by having each of them speak on the radio about their biography, their track record and their program
  • Combining political criticism and resolution of problem of political harassment against the students of democracy school through non-violent negotiations

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