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Komunitas Indonesia untuk Demokrasi (KID) or the Indonesian Community for Democracy, is an association formed with the aim of encouraging democratic life through education and training. The idea originally came from a discussion of some figures in Indonesia with representatives from the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy(NIMD) in The Hague, the Netherlands, which has been widely recognized internationally for for initiatives and activities encourage multiparty life and the process of democratization in some countries in Africa and South America.

Indonesian Community for Democracy realize the life of the nation and uphold democratic multiculturalism, pro-existence, equality,humanity and civilized humanity, sovereignty, openness, integrity,accountability and meritocracy

KID is an association with limited membership.  The highest authorities lies with the General Assembly Meeting of the Members of the Association (RUA), which involves 22 members.

KID's Board of Directors is chosen at a General Assembly Meeting.  KID's Management Board then selected an Executive Director who is in charge of the Executive Office and has the help of a manager and assistant manager. Complete membership of KID's Board of Directors are as follows :

  • Chairman, DR. Ignas Kleden, MA
  • General Secretary, Ratih Hardjono
  • Treasurer, Rustam Ibrahim
  • Member, Kresnayana Yahya, M.SC
  • Member, Prof. Qasim Mathar
  • Member, Prof. Mohtar Mas'oed
  • Member, Prof. Anita Lie
  • Member, Abdul Hakim Garuda Nusantara SH, LLM

The other members of KID's Association are the following :

  • DR. Ery Seda
  • Mira Lesmana
  • Ir. Augustinus Rumansara
  • Prof. Yusny Saby
  • Andri Dewanto
  • DR.Yudi Latif
  • DR.Supra Wimbarti
  • Prof Ichlasul Amal
  • Prof Soetandyo Wignjosoebroto

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