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Buletin Day 1 - PME Global Conference 2012

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news2What started out as a slow morning became a quite fruitful day. The opening of the conference went later than scheduled, but the participants seemed eager to jump-start the first day with various beach wear like tank tops and flip-flops.

The Chairman of KID, Dr. Ignas Kleden, made his opening speech by welcoming and thanking everyone for coming from faraway places to Bali. While Pepijn Gerrits as the Program Director of NIMD elaborated the goal of the first global conference within their network as learning from the work done by NIMD and their partners, and also the results they get. "To improve our actions from the mistakes we made, and also to plan more effectively from the increased and systematic approach that we share," he added.

news2"PME does not own you, you own PME!"

During the first session titled 'PME Fundamentals,' Annemieke Burmeister as the facilitator laid out the major question, "How do we learn?" She brought up the point that every participant has different methodology, but sharing would still work as long as everyone is working towards the same goal.

Ignas Kleden, Chairman of KID

"The ultimate goal is to have an issue which can substantially connect these partner countries. PME is the new issue coming out now also on the national level and the participating partners could develop thoughts together and experience how PME is implemented in every country, and which specific changes should be made because of the different changes in particular context."

Six groups were then given a task to share thoughts on what they think the purpose of PME is all about. The discussion boils down to the moving bandwagon from accountability into learning.

Learning can be built into planning. Every participant could learn from the previous evaluation when designing a program, whereas accountability is an afterthought. No one can be held accountable in the beginning, as nothing has been done. The session continued with a PME quiz. From the 9 questions given, most of the groups gave extra effort in answering questions such as: "Who is responsible for the drafting of a high quality ToR and the implementation of the evaluation process?"

The question was designed to emphasize the role of the program manager. "However, just throwing it to the program manager is unfair," according to a participant from Indonesia, Ratih Hardjono. "ToR has to be participatory. It's a learning process. Everyone should be in it because this is monitoring and evaluation."

Change can happen in different levels

Kizito Tenthani, Participant from Malawi

"I find the first day interesting. I like the part where we were talking about looking at measurement and where we should find it. I thought we should've spent more time on the content. The last group work was a bit vague. It kinds of putting pressure on the time. I wish we could've spent a little more time on the first session."

The session wants to tackle the fact that a lot of individual changes are happening because of the partners' work. Slipping changes because they are not precise about where it is happening. PME should be brought to that area.

news2"A person who is empowered would make a change in society. Nothing is linear. These are all very complicated concepts. We're not social scientists and PME is very much the dirty side of research methodology. We're not even trying to be like exactly empirical about these things," Burmeister concluded.

Annemieke Burmeister, Facilitator for the first day

"The most important part was to get people engaged because PME is usually the nerd subject. It's not the first thing that people would like to talk about. It's usually an afterthought. I really have to say respect to the participants for being so active the whole day."

The abruptly stopped video of the statistics guru Hans Rosling's Gapminder sort of became the introduction for the next day, simply by saying there's no clear indicator for democracy. Or is there? Get excited for the second day, and stay engaged !

NIMD Global Conference PME 2012
Sanur Bali , 18 - 20 June 2012

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