Kebebasan Akademis, Perspektif HAM

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Kebebasan akademis dan otonomi pendidikan tinggi sedang dipertaruhkan dalam pembahasan Rancangan Undang-Undang Perguruan Tinggi di DPR. Pemerintah yang diwakili Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan tampaknya memilih kebijakan memperkuat kontrol negara atas kebebasan akademis dan otonomi perguruan tinggi.

KID Democracy Schools 2006-2010: Lessons Learned from 5 provinces in Indonesia

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KID's Democracy Schools have been running for more than six years now. Some have completed the three-year term and others are just starting it. Yet the process has taught us many things. Now we are delighted to share with you our experience in setting up and developing the Democracy Schools. In the document attached, you can find the lessons learned from Democracy Schools in five provinces in Indonesia, from 2006 to 2010. Each School has its own specificities so that you can get the picture of their unique experiences.

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Download : Lessons Learned Democracy School

Mongolia: Caught between democratization and Rio Tinto - by Ratih Hardjono

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Not much is heard about Mongolia, a country north of Indonesia, so far north that when I was a child I thought it was the closest place on earth to the abode of the heavenly Gods and a place where nomadic herdsmen rode on horses at lightning speed conquering the vast empty steppes.

City of Java and unplanned urbanization

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I was recently caught in a gridlock just outside the small city of Pasuruan, East Java, for more than an hour. None of the vehicles moved. I wound down my car window and asked the policeman standing by the road what the problem was.

Menyempurnakan Hukum Kerukunan Beragama

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Akhir-akhir ini Peraturan Bersama Menteri (PBM) Agama dan Menteri Dalam Negeri No 8 dan No 9 Tahun 2006 yang mengatur kerukunan umat beragama dan pendirian rumah ibadah menjadi polemik yang terus menghangat.

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